True digital transformation at your company depends on you having a public cloud, the most future-proof IT technology there is.

Oliver Schallhorn, Chief Executive Officer

Cloud infrastructure services

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Public cloud services

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Amazon Web Services

AWS offers a wide range of services to ensure the success of your future-proof cloud environment.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides infrastructure and the modern workplace around Microsoft 365 tools.

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Google Cloud

Google is the specialist for data in the public cloud. With Google Workspace, you command the digital workspace.

The right hyperscaler?

Public Cloud Selection analyzes your public cloud requirements and shows you the appropriate hyperscaler.

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Microsoft 365

Digitize your company's communication and collaboration with the tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Teams.

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Google Workspace

Communicate, collaborate, manage & secure with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Google Drive from Google Workspace.

Managed Public Cloud Services
Managed Cloud Operations for Public Cloud Infrastructure

For the automated operation of your public cloud infrastructure, Managed Cloud Operations offer individual solutions – regardless of which hyperscaler you are using.

Digitaler Arbeitsplatz
Managed Cloud Operations for Digital Workplaces

You concentrate on your core business and the productivity of your employees, we take care of the trouble-free operation of your digital workplace.

Cloud Development
Cloud development

Applications for the success of your business are successfully built and operated in the public cloud

Multi public cloud

Not and or but just the right combination of different hyperscalers for your cloud strategy

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SAP cloud services

Rethink your SAP system, in the public cloud of the relevant hyperscalers AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Public Cloud Selection

We analyze your public cloud requirements and show you the appropriate hyperscaler or the ideal combination of multiple providers

Excellent public cloud solutions for your digital transformation

Achieve digital success with cloud development

Developing applications and software products in a cloud-native context gives you the opportunity to digitize challenges and processes with ease. Our experience shows that cloud development is essential for digital transformation at any company.

Cloud development refers to the cloud-native development of applications and software. Standardized processes are matched with your business’s individual requirements so that you can achieve your objective with speed, agility, and purpose. Whether you want to digitally simplify collaboration with clients and partners or empower your employees to do their everyday work with digital processes, cloud development is your tool of choice. Count on a carefully chosen team of experts and trust in the knowledge of PCG!

Set yourself up for the future with SAP cloud services

Reconceptualize your SAP in a public cloud! Future-oriented work demands not only modern IT infrastructure from you but also the added value of a public cloud – such as limitless scalability and transparent costs.

The world of SAP is transforming. Many companies can now see up close how relevant digital transformation is for their IT system. Migrate your SAP workloads to the public cloud of your choice and profit straightaway from the advantages of limitless scalability, maximum security policies, transparent costs, and easy centralized management. The public cloud represents the ultramodern and future-proof method for developing and operating IT infrastructures. Make the switch today and migrate to a public cloud.

Managed services for operating your public cloud

Whether it’s infrastructure, a SAP environment, applications, or the workplace, our experts ensure that your operations are seamless with next-generation managed services.

The real work often begins after the migration. The new environment needs to be looked after, optimized, and continuously maintained; 24×7 deployments can fast become necessary, especially in business-critical areas. Managed services relieve the burden on your resources and take over the operation of your public cloud. To what extent? You decide for yourself. We give you support where you and your team need us.

Analyzing and optimizing the costs of your public cloud projects

Whether it’s a classic infrastructure migration, developing an application, or building a digital workplace, costs play a crucial role in a public cloud project. We are happy to advise you objectively and without bias toward a specific hyperscaler.

When you start a cloud journey, there’s one question you need to ask: Is the public cloud more cost-effective for operating your infrastructure, developing your applications, or transforming your SAP system than your existing environment is? A total cost of ownership analysis can shed light on this. You should also bear in mind that existing cloud environments have their own key factors that can determine costs. These potentials need to be investigated and harnessed for effective projects.

Which public cloud offers you the best of everything?

Are you undecided about which hyperscaler is best for your business case? Or about which hyperscaler is best for your company’s requirements generally? Find out the answer in our Public Cloud Select program.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are the three relevant platforms when it’s time to choose a public cloud. You can always rely on the classic benefits such as transparent costs, security, and scalability. Yet which of these three environments meets your individual requirements for performance, costs, and services?

Only the best for your migration to a public cloud

Goodbye data center. Hello public cloud! What does a successful migration involve, and what steps are a must?

Migration represents the entry of your business case to the public cloud provided by the hyperscaler of your choice. This step needs to be well-considered, planned, and implemented. Fortunately, PCG takes this step with you and paves your way to the public cloud. Our experts have overseen numerous migration projects. Time has given them not only experience but also the outstanding capabilities that you can now rely on.

Everything under the one roof – the fully comprehensive public cloud portfolio for your IT

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Cloud infrastructure services

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Digital workplace

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Cloud development

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Managed cloud services

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cloud Services

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Public cloud

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Data and AI


Multi public cloud

The utmost expertise for every hyperscaler

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

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