Your potential costs for a public cloud

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On-premise vs. cloud

In many cases, the public cloud environment is less expensive than on-premise. A TCO analysis can provide clarity here.

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Optimize your cloud costs

Let's take a quick & easy look at your infrastructure cost points and find optimization potential.

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Cost transparency today vs. the future

Public Cloud stands for Pay-Per-Use – you only pay for your infrastructure you actually use.

You want the lowest cost for your public cloud environment! Through the skills & experience of our experts, we will show you the right way easily & quickly!

Simon Baumgärtner, Sales Manager

Total cost of ownership:
the best analysis of your cloud costs

TCO analysis


Application examples

Individual analysis

Objective of a TCO analysis
= Create a basis for decision making

The objective of a TCO analysis is to identify all direct and indirect costs and potential savings. It also looks at the connection between the investment, the integration and the ongoing operation.

But a comprehensible basis for decision-making does not only include a cost and savings breakdown. The most important component is the outlook on the possible projects and the skills and resources required for them.

Julian Grumbach, Director Business Development
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Calculate your individual costs for a public cloud – with a total cost of ownership analysis!

It would be our pleasure to help you examine your direct and indirect costs and locate potential savings.

Contact us! Together we’ll find out what benefits a public cloud offers you as well as the key figures and costs associated with it.

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