“We support you with scalable, flexible applications and help you on your way to a fully comprehensive cloud/application strategy.”


Our services around Cloud Native Development

At PCG, we cover your complete transformation from the data center to the cloud, from infrastructure to migration paths to user experience and the front-end of your application.

Application Transformation, Modernization, Refactoring

Cloud Application Development

Mobile Application Development

User Interface Design & User Experience

Software Architecture & Software Development Consulting

Software Operations

CI/CD, IaC, SCRUM, DevOps Consulting

Application Transformation, Modernization, Refactoring

We securely move your application from the current IT environment to the cloud. It is often not necessary to redevelop the entire application. Depending on the state of your infrastructure, there are several options:

Re-host (Lift & Shift)

Refactoring/Re-platform (Lift & Reshape)



Cloud Application Development

New business ideas and also the ever-changing demands of the market require applications that are easy to maintain. Cloud-based applications are easier to maintain and perform better than traditional on-prem applications.

Here we support you in the complete development process, from the conception, if necessary with a pre-project, over the agile implementation of backend & frontend according to SCRUM, up to the release and also gladly with the operation. Our favorite work mode: As a joint team with your employees* to train them directly in the new setup.

Cloud Native




Mobile Application Development

Do you want to modernize your business model with a new application? We support you from planning and design to the development and operation of your application: Here we rely on the full power of Progressive Web Apps. The data is displayed in the browser, and the application logic runs in the public cloud. Your application is easily accessible to users via URL in the browser of their choice, regardless of the device. Also, browsers are getting better & faster from release to release, which keeps PWAs powerful in the future.

Progressive Web App

Cross Platform

Digital business models

Application Modernization

User Interface Design & User Experience

From the very beginning, we make sure that your customers enjoy using your software. This begins with the user-centric design of applications for mobile and web: In the requirements workshop we define the target group, then we create user flows and detailed user stories. Based on the concept we design modern high-fidelity screens and click dummies for user tests. Graphics, icons and animations, as well as UX writing for all elements and dialogs, complete the design of your application.


User Flows and Stories

Screens and Click Dummies

Graphics, icons, animations

Software Architecture & Software Development Consulting

What cloud services do you need? How do you build your cloud infrastructure in a scalable and cost-saving way? Whether container application in connection with Kubernetes or serverless approaches: Together with you, we develop the individual cloud & software architecture for your application.





CI/CD, IaC, SCRUM, DevOps Consulting

Plannability is our top priority because no one likes nasty surprises and the costs that come with them. For smooth processes even long after the project, we rely on proven building blocks of successful software development right from the start. This enables short communication channels, clear project structures and allows your team to work independently.


Infrastructure as Code

DevOps Consulting


Software Operations

After completed development, we offer professional hosting and operation of your systems. These include various managed cloud operations, monitoring, full testing for new browser versions, security vulnerability checks, library updates and exclusive quotas for quick and small customizations.

Managed cloud operations


Security vulnerability check

Library Updates

Our Techstack

We work with the three relevant hyperscalers to get you to the cloud that best fits your needs and existing IT setup.

ToolsApplikationsentwicklung_Node JS

Why Cloud Native Development with Public Cloud Group?


For the solution that really helps you, we also challenge previous approaches and ideas.


We recommend the cloud provider that best suits your problems and build your software in it in a way that corresponds to a state of the art cloud application – 100% cloud-native.


Developing all applications from scratch is often not necessary. Together, we find the appropriate path at the “sweet spot” of value creation to keep costs as low as possible for you.


We make sure that the cloud knowledge stays in your company: During the project, we educate your team on the job. We want repeat business with you because we do good work – not because we only understand the application.

Cloud Development: all the answers to your questions

All the information you need about cloud development and why you should think about an application in the cloud can be found in our compact overview.

Cloud development explained quickly & compactly by experts?
Simply book an appointment and benefit.

A personal insight into cloud-native development of applications and software can clarify many open questions quickly and straightforwardly.

What exactly is cloud development and how is it different from traditional development? Which aspect of cloud development is right for your business and your use case? Which cloud meets your requirements?

Our expert Robin Nemetz will answer your questions – quickly, easily and directly. Simply book a suitable appointment for this. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Alternatively, you can reach us via the following contact options:

Phone: +49 (0)731 72557470

Mail: info@publiccloudgroup.com

Development with PCG vs. offshore service provider

There are many good reasons for working with a service provider who is “closer to you”: We speak your language, understand your goals precisely and actively contribute our experience. Based on this, we build your software with foresight and do not simply implement it “blindly”. We involve your team in the development from the beginning and establish direct, effective communication channels that pick up everyone. What’s more, on-site appointments for workshops and presentations are quick and easy to make.

“What can’t they actually do?”

We also like to tell our customers this so that they can start the project with the same and, above all, realistic expectations:


1 person body leasing

We are successful as a team and therefore do not put individual colleagues on projects.


Hardware-related topics in the data center

Our focus is entirely on software development, the public cloud and refactorings/migrations.


Hyperscalers other than the “big three

We are the professionals for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.


Industry-specific expert knowledge

As a customer, you are an expert in your domain, we are the expert for your technology.

Innovation? For sure!

A cloud native strategy lays the foundation for your IT security. We build your applications to the highest security standards. Everything that leaves our facility is bulletproof by our built-in security team. In doing so, we rely on the four cornerstones for secure applications:

Security by Default

We develop our architectures and applications “secure by default”. The topic of security runs through all phases of development. Using secure coding guidelines, we ensure that a high security standard is maintained at all times – checked by regular peer reviews.

How secure is your application? With our security check, you can uncover possible weaknesses and potentials.

Software Composition Analysis

Software Composition Analysis automatically checks the composition of the software and analyzes it for components that are vulnerable or have become vulnerable. In this way, we continuously ensure that not only the application itself, but also all libraries, open source components and the runtime environment of the application are secure.

How secure is your application? With our security check, you can uncover possible weaknesses and potentials.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Dynamic Application Security Testing automatically detects attack patterns in a black-box process, so that potential security problems can be identified and remedied directly during the creation of the software.

How secure is your application? With our security check, you can uncover possible weaknesses and potentials.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

With Static Application Security Testing, the source code is checked automatically for security vulnerabilities in a whitebox process, ensuring that the source code complies with security best practices.

How secure is your application? With our security check, you can uncover possible weaknesses and potentials.

As excellent cloud experts, we at the Public Cloud Group drive digitization forward in your company. Contact us!

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