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Google Workspace for your digital workplace

Stay productive and collaborate even better with the flexible and innovative tools in your Google Workspace. Whether in a home office or an office, the applications in Google Space arm you and your team for any scenario with an efficient communication and collaboration framework.

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The best cloud-native applications for your Google Workspace



Management & Security

Master everyday life with cloud-based communication tools!

A critical component of efficient business collaboration is quick and easy communication.
Google Workspace provides secure and user-friendly tools to connect and share with others via email, video chat, or direct message, whether in the office, home office, or on the go.

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Real-time collaboration tools let you work together effectively!

Google Workspace offers several applications to be productive. These include programs for text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and more. Work in parallel with teammates or external partners on a single document.

Track all changes in real time and clarify open questions via the comment function. With Google Drive online storage, files can be stored, accessed, and shared in one secure location.

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Easy administration, extensive setting options!

With Google Workspace, administrators can manage all application settings centrally and easily in the Admin Console. For example, users can be easily be added, and various security options can be activated.

With Google Vault, there is also a simple way to archive your data in accordance with legal requirements.

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Benefits and added value of Google Workspace

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Infinite scalability

Simply scale your digital workplace up or down according to demand.

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The highest form of business agility

New markets, internationalization or growth – Respond quickly to changes.

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Costs always in view

Pay-per-use is one of the added values that speak for a public cloud – also at the workplace.

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Access to the latest technologies

Thanks to the infrastructure in the public cloud, you benefit directly from the most modern technologies.

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Public Cloud and therefore also Google Workspace is the future technology in IT.

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Tailored to your company

Your company – your digital workplace – your tools & communication channels.

Would you like to be an appealing employer and gain a competitive advantage with an efficient team at the same time? Use Google Workspace and achieve this with ease!

Oliver Ganswig, Teamlead Digital Workspace

Your public cloud journey in a digital workplace

Analyzing and evaluating a digital workplace

Individual analysis and evaluation are the foundations for a bespoke workplace framework.

The journey always begins with a good consultation and subsequent analysis and evaluation of the individual workplace that you need. Working together with you, we look at what your company needs, what you would like, and what you want to achieve. Generalizations tend to be ineffective here, so we study each company individually.

Preparation and planning for a digital workplace

We define your personal digital workplace strategy and plan its implementation in partnership with you.

When you have good plans, you can start implementing with certainty because you know exactly what steps need to be taken at your company. We plan the individual preparations needed for implementation and set them up in a way that lets integration be done seamlessly and effectively.

Integrating the digital workplace

Once the planning is done, the next step is implementing your individual digital workplace for you and your team.

After the preparations have been successfully completed, you can get to work on implementing and integrating your new workplace framework. During the integration, we watch closely to make sure that your processes are transitioned seamlessly and your company can start working in its digital workplace effectively.

Coaching and training for your digital workplace’s success

When integration is complete, coaching and training can act as the optimal onboarding for your company.

The integration is all wrapped up and your company can start putting your digital workplace to use. In order for all employees to work optimally with the new options, coaching and training can provide welcome help for using the new tools.

Operating your digital workplace

You can relax and concentrate on your core business using our managed services with flexible time models.

Our range of English and German-language managed services makes it possible for you to concentrate on your core business and profit from a support model tailored to your needs. Relieve the burden on your IT with our 8×5 or 24×7 support so that your digital workplace can run just like it should.

Are you ready to get the best out of your digital workplace?

Cloud-based tools, secure hardware, and automated processes – revolutionize the nature of collaboration at your company with us.
Stay at the cutting edge of industry-leading applications so you can secure your market presence effectively.

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