We strengthen your software department!

Are you facing the challenge of implementing an important software project, but have either a capacity or a know-how bottleneck in your development department? The implementation of the project does not seem feasible internally and you have to complete the project by a deadline or feel considerable pressure from the market?

We strengthen your software development department with our Developer Team as-a-Service!





Why the PCG Developer Team?



For the solution that really helps you, we also challenge previous approaches and ideas.



We have no fear of contact, willingly pass on our knowledge, implement the project together with your team and incorporate our best practices from over 100 successfully completed projects.



Developing all applications from scratch is often not necessary. Together, we find the appropriate path at the “sweet spot” of value creation to keep costs as low as possible for you.



We make sure that the cloud knowledge stays in your company: During the project, we educate your team on the job. We want repeat business with you because we do good work – not because only we understand the application.

Increase the efficiency of your software development with our individual as a service skills portfolio – Get to know us!

Projectmanagement / Product Owner

A project manager who communicates with your functional manager and leads the software development team. If there is already a product owner in the team with the necessary know-how and capacity, this role can also be lived on a “sparring partner” level.

Software Developer & DevOps

The core of the team. Washed with all the waters of software development and assembled according to the desired technical field of application. All necessary roles are combined as they fit your requirement profile – Cloud Architecture; DevOps Engineering, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Mobile Application Developer.

Software Developer & Quality Assurance / Software Tester / Test Automation Engineer

Manual testing, test plan creation & test plan execution, test case design, automated testing (integration testing, UI testing with Cypress, Selenium, etc.) – everything you need to make sure the software does exactly what it’s supposed to do on all target devices in scope.

UI/UX Design & Requirements Engineering

Click Dummies, High-Fidelity Screens, User Stories, Target Group Interviews, User Flows – everything that is needed for us to develop this in a user-friendly way and to create a visually appealing result that matches the corporate identity.

“If software and cloud expertise are part of your company’s core value proposition and you want to keep that knowledge in-house and continue to grow your own developers, then a Developer Team as-a-Service is the tailored solution.”


We integrate ourselves into existing teams and have no “fear of contact”. We willingly share our knowledge and bring your team to a new level with our know-how. We believe that this is the most sustainable way of working together – and not by keeping knowledge / know-how to ourselves.


We have successfully completed hundreds of software projects and have seen and developed many things. We also support & implement “on the project” professional software development processes: CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-Code, DevOps, SCRUM flows (Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, pragmatic implementation of SCRUM).


A well-rehearsed, powerful and efficient team – perfectly assembled to meet the requirements of the project and quickly ready for action.

Everything at a glance!

Our whitepaper contains all the interesting information about our development team and the services we can provide to support your business.

Scale Up & Down

More capacity needed in the short term? Or the project is coming to an end and the team is no longer needed in full? Or you can find your own developers step by step, which we can set up, train and then gradually reduce the size of the team? You have the option to flexibly scale up or down our services at any time.

Full transparency

We integrate into any environment – and everything that is created in the project is 100% yours.

100 % German speaking

Easy communication → our teams are 100% German speaking and fluent in English.

What are we not doing?

Our focus is teamwork, because that’s the only way to reach our full potential. We do not rely on body leasing, but work flexibly and individually with you and your team. Our way of working is remote-first, but we are happy to come to you for important on-site appointments such as kickoffs or reviews.

Customers often ask us for hardware development, our experts act as an interface to map the entire web and cloud based flow without being involved in the hardware component. We are happy to act as a sparring partner for the development of business models, but we leave the in-depth industry know-how and business perspective to your experts.


100% On site

Hardware development

Business Model Creation

As excellent cloud experts, we at the Public Cloud Group drive digitization forward in your company. Contact us!

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